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If the answer is yes, here are some important questions to answer.

  • How long ago was it placed?

  • Do you know what implant parts you received?

  • Have you had any issues/complications, or changed dentist since it was installed?

All of these questions are relevant to ensure your implants have the best chance of long term success, and this is where the DIR can help!

Ensuring Long Term Dental Implant Success

Patient Interview:

Get Your Dental Implants Registered on the DIR!

Now that you understand the importance of having access to your own information, it is vital that your treating dentist/s register your implant components on the DIR!

Let Our Team Do the Work For You:

The DIR Team can assist you in obtaining and registering your implant information on the DIR!

Simply contact the DIR via the contact form below and our team will be in touch.


Thanks for submitting!

And that's it!

Once we have your consent, our team will follow up with your Dentists to obtain the relevant information!

Additional Information:

Please note, generally there is a cost involved in registering your implant components on the DIR. Our team are happy to waive this cost for any retrospective registrations, so this is all done at no cost!

Your information is then securely stored for your lifetime, and only accessible by you or your Treating Dentist (once permission is granted by you) 

If your information is no longer available from your Dentists/Practice, the DIR will be unable to register your components. Patient information is required by Australian regulations to be kept for up to 7 years so any data older than that may not be available

The button below is a form from the Australian Commission highlighting the Healthcare Rights of all Patients (including access to your own information).

For more information, please contact the DIR team.

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