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Register Bone Grafting Material on the DIR

Do you install dental implants? Did you know the DIR can assist you with record keeping abilities while improving your Patients long term outcomes?

What is the DIR?

Along with allowing Dental Professionals the register their Patients dental implant components, the DIR also allows for bone grafting material to be registered.

Why is this important?

Most importantly, because of blood donations.

Approximately 50% of dental implants placed will also receive a bone graft. With so many manufacturers selling so many different types of grafting material, it's hard to not only keep track of what graft to use for certain situations, but also to remember what grafts can prevent Patients from donating blood.

Is your Patient a Blood Donor?

In fairness, this potentially isn't a question that a lot of Dental Professionals ask their Patients prior to treatment. However, it is a very important one. 

Depending on which graft you use, your Patient may never be able to donate blood again (e.g. allografts). 

Prior to treatment, make sure you discuss with your Patients the effects bone grafts can have on blood donations, so that you can select the appropriate solution.

After you have placed the bone graft and dental implant, make sure to register both on the DIR

Benefits of the DIR for Dental Professionals

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