The Dental Implant Registry (DIR) recently interviewed a Patient who has had dental implants for over 20 years. 


During this time, the Patient has unfortunately had to deal with some complications arising, some of which was due to the implants he received, and some of which was due to a lack of records available to him and his treating Dentist.

Please watch the videos below to better understand how to best prepare yourself against avoidable long term risks, but having your dental implants registered on the DIR!

1. Dealing with Complications and visiting Different Dentists/Specialists

2. How Can the DIR Help With These Issues and Assist Dentists and Patients Long Term?

3. What Key Questions Should Patients Ask Their Dentist Prior to Dental Implant Treatment?

4. Do You Have Any Concerns Having Your Implant Records On The DIR?

5. What If A Dentist Rejects A Request (Or Says It's Not Needed) To Register Patient Implant Data On The DIR?

If you already have dental implants, make sure you contact your Dentist/s and get them to register your components on the DIR today!

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If you are in the process of getting dental implants, make sure you either see a DIR Registered Dentist, or confirm with your Dentist that they will register your components on your behalf

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Please contact the DIR Team below if you have any questions


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