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Example of email Patient receives after initial registration where DIR now requests their consent to use their data for registry science.

This email is sent via our DIR backend and contains tracking code unique to every single patient so that any further actions taken in this email are tracked and recorded to the patients DIR profile (just like affiliate marketing links).

By this stage the patient has only registered their details for their own purposes and we can NOT use their data for science until they decide to opt in.

Once they click the Opt In button the tracking begins - They can also just ignore this email if they don't want us to use their data.

Congratulations On Registering Your Dental Implant Components!

You have made a great decision to register your implants with the DIR. You now have 24/7 access to your implant details (which you will receive in a separate email). By having immediate access to your details you have ensured that you will receive faster and more efficient future treatment for any emergencies or future check-ups! 

Your Data Can Help Others!

Did you know that the DIR can use patient data to conduct registry science that will improve patient outcomes in the future?

By using anonymised patient implant data, dental scientists are able to conduct research that ultimately helps Dr's and manufactures better understand interactions between materials and treatment protocols resulting in better patient outcomes. 

Will You Allow Use of Your
Data to Help Others?

By allowing the DIR to use you data for registry science you are contributing to the betterment of dental implant procedures and better patient outcomes.

Your Data is 100% anonymised, 100% secure, 100% private and will never be shared with anyone.

If you agree to allow the DIR to use your anonymised data to contribute to registry science please click the button below. If not, please just ignore this email.

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