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Please see below for statistics from the DIR

Number of Implants Placed by Tooth Location

Implant Percentage by Tooth Location.png

Number of Implants Placed by Tooth Location

(this time showing a DIR Practice's Results vs all DIR User results, all DIR data is anonymised)

Implant Percentage by Tooth Location (comparison of DIR User and overall DIR userbase).png

Total Bone Graft Percentage by Implant Restoration Type

Total Bone Graft Percentage.png

Bone Graft Percentage by Tooth Location

Total Bone Graft Percentage.png

Patient Reported Complication Rates

(survey done of DIR patients - results show 26% of patients experienced a complication with their dental implants - 102 patients responded)

Patient Complication Results.png

Complication Data - Failed Implant Diameters by Tooth Location 

Failed Implant Data by Diameter.png

Complication Data - Failed Implant Lengths by Tooth Location 

Failed Implant Data by Length.png

DIR Registered Patients by Location

DIR Patients by Location.png

The Dental Implant Registry (DIR) provides Users with access to reporting of their own data. As per our Privacy Policy, all DIR data used in reporting or research projects is anonymised. Individual Practice information is only accessible by users within that Practice.

The DIR will soon be updating our reporting functionality to allow Users a much broader range of data sets. Along with access to their own practice information, Users will also be able to benchmark themselves against the whole DIR userbase (again, with anonymised data).

Be sure to register your practice on the DIR and start registering your patients implant components to gain access to these essential insights to both your data and the DIR community.

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