• How long ago was it placed?

  • Do you know what implant parts you received?

  • Have you had any issues/complications, or changed dentist since it was installed?

All of these questions are relevant to ensure your implants have the best chance of long term success, and this is where the DIR can help!

Ensuring Long Term Dental Implant Success

Patient Interview:

How to Get Your Dental Implants Registered on the DIR in 3 Steps!

Now that you understand the importance of having access to your own information, it is vital that your treating dentists register your implant components on the DIR!

This is a very simple process, and please see below for the steps involved

Step 1:

Download the following 3 forms

Please note, dental implants are made up of 2 components; the dental implant (screw in jaw) and the dental abutment (part that attaches your crown/bridge/denture to the implant)

Please watch the short video below that discusses the importance for you to have both of these components registered

Step 2:

Send these forms (either by email or in person) to your Dentist to fill in

Please note, quite often you will visit 2 separate Dental Professionals (at 2 separate Practices) to receive each of these components at different times.

If this occurred for you, you will need to send the implant form to your Implant Surgeon, and the abutment form to the Dentist/Specialist who placed your crown/bridge/denture

Step 3:

Have your Dentist/s register your components on the DIR

Please note, your Dentist may not be a registered DIR Practice. In this case, they can either become one (simple and free process) or they can fill in the forms and return them to you.

If they fill in the forms, you will simply need to send these to the DIR team and we can enter them in on your behalf (Patients cannot register their own components)

The button below is a form from the Australian Commission highlighting the Healthcare Rights of all Patients (including access to your own information).

Additional Information:

Please note, generally there is a cost involved in registering your implant components on the DIR. Our team are happy to waive this cost for any retrospective registrations, so this is all done at no cost!

Your information is then securely stored for your lifetime, and only accessible by you or your Treating Dentist (once permission is granted by you) 

Our team is also happy to assist you in speaking with your Dentist/s to obtain your information for entry onto the DIR

For more information, please contact the DIR team.


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