Are you a Recent Dental Graduate? Interested in Working with Dental Implants?

So you've just graduated after 5 years of study and are about to enter the clinical world of dentistry. Congratulations! Have some trepidation about some areas in particular? How about Dental Implants?

It's possible that dental implants as a topic wasn't covered much during your studies, but could play a large part in your career as a Dental Professional.

Whether you go on to place or restore implants, or simply plan on maintaining/treating Patients with them, you undoubtedly have many lingering questions.

Let the Dental Implant Registry Help You!

Firstly, the Dental Implant Registry (DIR) is an online registry for dental implants. We work with Dental Professionals to register their Patients implant components (both the implant and abutment), in turn providing Patients and their future Dentists (including you) with transparent, accurate records.


There are hundreds of different implant manufacturers worldwide, with thousands of different implant products on the market. How on earth is a Dentist meant to identify one implant component from another, especially if the implant was placed years ago and the records no longer exist? If you use the wrong tools, you could damage the implant, thus creating an avoidable complication.

It's a very real, and unfortunately all too common scenario in the dental industry. But there is a solution. By registering these components on the DIR, this problem is easily avoided. The DIR digitally, and securely, stores Patient data indefinitely, meaning there is no chance records will become lost.

Learn More About Dental Implants

The DIR team have also created a short series regarding the basics of dental implants, and these presentations are available for FREE

Simply contact the DIR team and we will provide these links for you, and can help answer any questions about how to ensure the best long term success for you and your Patients