Create a Digital Patient Implant Card
on the DIR

The Dental Implant Registry (DIR) has partnered with Biohorizons to help create a digital Patient Implant Card (PIC) for you and your Patients convenience.

Register your Practice on the DIR and create a digital PIC today!

Learn more about the DIR and the many benefits it can provide to your Practice and Patients below

What is the DIR?

Benefits of the DIR:

1. Improved Patient Records:

DIR Registrations can improve the accuracy and longevity of your Patient records, which helps to improve Patient outcomes.

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2. Minimise Complications

DIR Registrations help to minimise future complications that occur when Dentists are faced with unknown implant components

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3. Improve Practice to Practice Communication

The DIR helps reduce the administrative burden for your Staff when trying to retrieve retrospective Patient records

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4. Get Paid to Register

The DIR pays you for your data entry time (registrations only take between 1-3 minutes)

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5. Free Patient Marketing

All DIR Users are added to our Find a DIR Dentist search feature, which is marketed to Patients Australia/New Zealand wide

6. Meet Regulatory Requirements 

The DIR helps you meet all your regulatory requirements for dental implant record management

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7. Exclusive Supplier Offers

DIR Users get exclusive offers with Implant Manufacturers and Suppliers

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Wanting to start using the DIR in your Practice? Click the "Register Today" button or contact the DIR team for more information


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