The DIR works with Dental Professionals to register Patients dental implant components on the registry. This provides Patients with access to their own information, allowing future treatment to be carried out safely and efficiently.

By registering implants on behalf of your Patients, you not only help your Patients but other Dentists identify unknown implants, and other dentists who register implants help you!

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Benefits of the DIR:

Accurate Patient Dental Implant Information:

Once registered on the DIR, Patient records are securely stored for their lifetime, and accessible* by their treating Dental Professional. The DIR records the implant/abutment details such as Reference Number, so treatment can be carried out instantly.

*privacy laws apply

Decrease Wait Time with Instant Implant Information:

With the information only a click away via the DIR, this reduces the current wait times that occur when contacting a Patients' former Practice (that is if they even still have accurate information on file)!

Provide Transparency to Your Patients:

Over the recent years, more Patients are wanting access to their medical information, with issues with other implantable devices (e.g. metal-on-metal hips) being a major reason why. The DIR allows Dental Professionals to provide complete transparency on the High Quality components they are installing.

Minimise Complication Rates:

By identifying what implant components a Patient has installed, you can reduce avoidable complications arising by knowing what tools to use. This reduces pain, suffering and additional costs for all parties involved!


Find a DIR Dentist:

All Practices that register on (and utilise) the DIR will be added to the Find a DIR Dentist search function. This is a FREE marketing service for all of our Users. The DIR markets this on behalf of our Users to Patients throughout Australia/New Zealand, by educating Patients on the benefits of having access to their implant information (via the DIR).

Get Paid for Data Entry:

The DIR is not only free for Dental Professionals to use, but we pay Users for DIR Registrations! For every paid registration, Users will receive a rebate of $10 (+GST). Please note, the cost of a DIR Registration is paid for by the Patient ($30 +GST). This is capped at 4 implant registrations, and 4 abutment registrations.

Provide the Best Possible Long Term Implant Care:

By using the DIR, you are providing the best long term care that you can for your Patients. The Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) suggest that Dental Professionals should consider using the DIR when installing a dental implant component.

The DIR also updates Patients on how best to maintain their implants. This includes keeping good oral care, maintaining physical health and attending regular check-ups with their Dental Professional (recommended every 6 months). 

Earn Exclusive Offers with Dental Implant Suppliers:

The DIR has partnered with a variety of different implant suppliers and will regularly send out Users special offers. These can include discounts on implant components and/or treatment products.

Please contact the DIR team below if you have any questions, or click the "Register Today" button to Register your Practice on the DIR.


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