Do you know what implant parts you received?

Without this, any future treatment (even just general check-ups) can become problematic!

New regulations mean Dentists must provide Patients with information about their implant parts. But what about Patients who had their implants placed months or years ago?

While your original Dentist may still have your records on file, if you ever move or change Dentist, your future Dentist won’t know what parts you have. And, if you had your implant/s placed longer than 7 years, your records may have been destroyed!

By getting your Dentist to register your implant parts on the Dental Implant Registry (DIR), you can rest assured that your information will be kept for your lifetime, and accessible by you or your Treating Dentist (privacy laws apply) 24/7.

Think of it like an RAA insurance policy on your implants. You spend thousands of dollars on them, make sure that all future treatment is carried out as safely as possible.

Please contact the DIR team below if you have any questions, or would like assistance in contacting your Dentist.

DIR For Patients:

What Are You Receiving:

Importance of Having Both Implant Components Registered

How to Obtain your Dental Implant Information

Contact your Dentist (there may be multiple):

  1. Dental Implant may of been placed by a specialist surgeon

  2. Dental Abutment may of been placed either by your General Dentist or by a specialist (e.g. Prosthodontist)

This means you may have to contact 2 different Practices for this information

Process is simple. Simply download the following forms and send via email to your Dentist/s:

  1. DIR Implant form

  2. DIR Abutment form

  3. DIR Patient Release of Records form

  4. DIR Patient Consent form (??? needed?)

Please note, there is a chance your records may no longer available (e.g. over the 7 year mandatory requirement for dental records to be kept). in those cases, unfortunately the DIR is unable to have your components registered.

Looking to receive a Dental Implant?

If you are interested in receiving a dental implant, please watch the short videos below on the importance of seeing a DIR Registered Dentist, and why you need access to your own information!

Wanting a Dental Implant? 

Make Sure to Visit a DIR Dentist

Importance of Having Both Implant Components Registered

Make sure to also download and show this Patient Checklist to your Dentists prior to treatment.

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The DIR Team can also assist you with obtaining your implant information, along with putting you in touch with a DIR Registered Dentist that will provide high quality care!


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